Annual Programs

Lawn Fertilizing

Lawn Fertilization

Our System - A full year of treatments involving specialized applications!. For maximum effectiveness we recommend five (5)  lawn treatment applications per year. However, the number of treatments available is based on the time of year. The number of treatments decreases within the year.  

Basic Lawn Treatment Program

Periodic fertilizer includes Crabgrass and Weed Control.

For moderate  weed pressure.

Standard Choice Treatment Program

Intensive 5-visit program for fertilization includes Crabgrass 

and Weed Control + Grub Prevention and surface insect control

will Promotes a green, healthy lawn.

Premium Treatment Program

Same has our standard choice program plus Aeration and Over-seeding

To ensures complete lawn health. Highly recommended  most of our customer choose this program.

Quality Products:

Many of our competitors consistently apply the same, low cost, low quality fertilizer to all their properties. Eco-Lawn System. uses only top quality balanced fertilizers with micro nutrients. Our applications will give you a beautiful, dark green lawn, plus increase root mass and improve soil conditions. So we don't have to treat your lawn 6-8 times per season. 

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Our Customers Say It Best

Customer Testimony

 After many years of effort and expense , my lawn looked pathetic. I was fortunate to have my lawn tractor need repair and more fortune to find Eco-lawn and Lyndell. He accomplished in a few weeks a beautiful results I never achieved. Unfailingly cheerful and efficient, Lyndell always follows through on his promises and is a professor of lawn care. Highly recommended Bill 

 I highly recommend the service provided from Eco-Lawn System. They are courteous, professional and do excellent work at a reasonable price. I have been disappointed with other local lawn care services in the past but Eco-Lawn System did an exceptional job on my lawn. I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a superb lawn care company. Marlene

 Please call us at: 301-631-5296 or take a moment to fill out our 'Request an Estimate' Form