• Remove, cutting and spraying all weeds  from landscape beds and haul away
• Edge all beds around buildings, and trees
• Remove any sod from edging and haul away
• Mulch all beds using fine hardwood mulch (colored mulch varieties available upon request)
• Clean job site upon completion of mulching

Pre-Emergent Application - We will apply pre-emergent weed control to all beds prior to mulching for an additional cost.

This greatly helps to keep weeds from coming up in your beds and thus help to reduce your bed maintenance throughout the season. 

What are The benefits of using mulch?


There are several benefits to using mulch for your landscaping and gardening needs:
• Increases the soil's organic content
• Reduces water usage by minimizing evaporation
• Controls soil erosion
• Suppresses weed growth
• Provides nutrients
• Builds sound root structures

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