Outdoors pest control

Mosquito-proof your yard


 Nothing ruins a perfect summer evening like a swarm of mosquitoes. What begins as a pleasant afternoon barbecue can quickly turn into a frantic battle of swatting and scratching as you try to fend off these buzzing bloodsuckers.

Sure, you can apply mosquito repellent, or just stay indoors, but if you actually want to use your outdoor space without constantly reaching for the bug spray, call us so we can make your yard mosquito-free. 

Our insect control package can greatly reduce the chance of insect-borne diseases up to 90%. Your family and pets will enjoy your property again without the worries of biting insects and the diseases they may carry. 

Perimeter Pest Control


 This treatment is designed to establishes an insect shield around your home. This shield drastically reduces the number of insects that can get in to your home.
 Our program creates a barrier of re-entry to your property and makes your  home an unfavorable environment for ants, earwigs, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, box elder bugs, wasps, hornets, spiders and others!   ADVANTAGES OF PERIMETER INSECT CONTROL   Since 90% of insects will be controlled from the outside barrier treatments, the need for additional interior treatments usually is not needed. Pesticide applications are made outside of the home away from living spaces. 

Flea and Tick Control


Ticks are blood-feeders that require an animal host to survive and reproduce. They attack people, pets, or livestock. Ticks can also transmit many human and animal disease such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain, Spotted Fever and other Tick-borne diseases. The diseases that ticks carry can be harmful or even fatal to humans and animals.  Fleas can spread tapeworms to dogs and typhus to humans.

Ticks are common in Maryland, and can often be found in tall grass and wooded areas.

 Get  all THREE (3) Programs mention above for one low price of $95.00 per application 


  Our Program runs April-October averaging 6 applications per year. Call Today for 1st time treatment of $49.99