Weekly lawn mowing

lawn mowing

Lawn Mowing

 Let us focus on taking care of your lawn, so you can focus on relaxing and enjoying it.  Are you looking for professional, reliable, quality lawn mowing service that you can count on? Leave the mowing to us!  We've got it covered. 

Mowing Services:


Lush healthy lawns develop through the use of our mowing technology which mulches grass clippings and returns them to the soil. Excess clipping are removed.

Each visit will end with a final clean up of all patios, decks, curb areas, walkways and driveways.

It's the small details that display the difference between a property that has been mowed and one that is being professionally maintained. 




Our service includes mowing, edging walkways, trimming along the house and beds, and blowing off all areas to reflect a neat appearance.


We will send an invoice on a monthly basis.


There is no contract to sign when accepting our service. Our service is ongoing until you cancel.
SEASON Weekly mowing starts April and ends in November. Your property will be serviced every week between and including these months.


You will be assigned a service day. Your service day depends on our routing. As routing changes, your service day could be changed. At times we do work after 5 PM. RAIN DAYS To stay on schedule, we do mow in moderate rain. We take caution so our mowers will not cause ruts in moderately wet conditions. If you think your lawn is too wet to be serviced, let us know and it will be skipped until the next week. We do not recommend skipping a week in the middle of the growing season.


Locked gates are fine, but we must have the combination before the service date. If the back yard is inaccessible due to not having the combination we can not service it, but still have to charge the full rate. We are extremely mindful of keeping gates closed and re locking  gates. Eco-Lawn Systems request that people and pets remain inside when cutting your lawn.


Bi-Weekly mowing schedules are available at $15 per trip more than weekly, due to the extra work involved as well as the scheduling conflicts they create. For most lawns we do not recommend bi-weekly service as it's healthy to remove only 1/3 of the grass blade tip per mow. On most Bi-weekly lawns we need to take off far more than this for it to even look cut. If you take the time and money to water and fertilize your lawn, then it's worth it to cut it Weekly as well. Bi-Weekly lawns that exceed normal a normal growth rate determined by us will be instructed to go weekly.


If you use a third party fertilizing company, we ask that you request they do not come on the day of our service and that they switch to a timed-release fertilizer if they are not already using one. Besides keeping your lawn greener in-between applications, the timed-release fertilizer does not have the ‘super surge’ in growth 7-10 days following application that the cheaper fertilizers give. This surge can be hard to manage, even on a 7-day cutting basis, resulting in a poorer cut. SURPRISES When we quote a price for lawn mowing, it’s based on square footage and assumes a fairly open, flat lawn.


The lowest price we charge for mowing is $30.0 for a small lawn. Our prices vary depending on the size  of each lawn. For instance an acre without many obstacles, ranges around $65 per visit, two acres $110.

Some time we will quote the price over the phone. The price we quote over the phone is the right price 95% of the time. However, if we show up and you’ve got obstacles everywhere, or if your lawn has a steep hill or a lot of retaining walls that create more work, we will mow your lawn on the first trip at the quoted price (provided it’s not overgrown). We will then contact you and let you know of the price increase. If you agree, we’ll continue service. If you disagree, we’ll take you off the schedule. 

Customer Testimony

 I highly recommend the service provided from Eco-Lawn System. They are courteous, professional and do excellent work at a reasonable price. I have been disappointed with other local lawn care services in the past but Eco-Lawn System did an exceptional job on my lawn. I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a superb lawn care company. Marlene 

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